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Daiya Healthcare Compliance Reporting

Daiya Healthcare provides a reporting hotline for individuals to report violations, suspected violations, questionable conduct, or questionable practices that are inconsistent with our values, compromises our policies and procedures, and/or violates state or federal laws and regulations. These violations should be reported in the following ways:


Your supervisor understands the potential issues you face and can help you decide the best course of action in most instances.

Chief Compliance Officer

If you feel uncomfortable discussing concerns with your supervisor or you do not receive satisfaction in making a report you should contact the chief compliance officer for help.

Compliance Hotline

You may also anonymously report compliance issues by calling the Compliance Hotline at (206) 486-8159 email or by filing a report here. If you prefer to remain anonymous, your anonymity will be protected up to the limits of the law. 

Report Here

If you prefer to remain anonymous, your anonymity will be protected up to the limits of the law. 

The following are examples of what to report.
Ethical Violations  •  Unsafe work conditions  •  Quality of Service   •  DiscriminationAlcohol and Substance Abuse  •  Fraud  •  Conflict of Interest  •  Theft  •  Embezzlement  •  Falsification of Contracts/Reports/Records  •  Wrongful Discharge  •   Vandalism  •  Sabotage  •  Improper ConductThreats  •  Bribery and Kickbacks  •  Misuse of Company Property  •  Violation of Company Policy
Daiya Healthcare will not tolerate any form of retaliation or retribution against any individual who reports such concerns in good faith or who participates in any compliance investigation or proceeding. 

Daiya Healthcare has always been committed to operating in a legal and ethical manner. As part of this commitment,
Daiya Healthcare has a compliance program. The compliance program is available on

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